If you think about it, there is no end to exploring Ecuador once you live here. It is such a great place to reside in – mostly because of the beautiful culture and traditions of the locals.

But if you really want to enjoy what this country has to offer, make sure that you venture out of the big cities and explore the smaller communities around them. While the big cities may have convenience, the rural areas can give you the authentic cultural experience. It may true that places like Quito, and Cuenca have museums and structures that showcase the true Ecuadorian culture, it will be nothing like the experience of living how the locals do.

If you want to experience the authentic culture of this beautiful country, one of the places that you should visit is the small agrarian village of Pintag. It is located 9284 feet above sea level and is to the southeast of the capital city, Quito. Exploring Ecuador in this village will not be too tiring because the nearest airport, the Mariscal Sucre International Airport is located in Quito – a mere 27.5 kilometers away. You can set up camp in Quito and spend a day or two going to this village by bus or by renting a private vehicle.

So what makes this village in the Pichincha Province quite enticing?

What to explore in the village of Pintag in Ecuador

Exploring Ecuador in Pintag is made special because of the many festivals that they celebrate. You will really learn a lot about a community by the festivals that are constantly being celebrated each year. It shows what is important to them and their strong belief in their God and their faith.

Pintag is known for having one of the most numerous festivals in the country. Let us list them one by one.

January 1 – Fiesta of the Child, to celebrate the coming of the New Year
February – Fiesta of the Virgen de Santa Barbara, to celebrate the Carnival season, a Catholic tradition that happens in a several Latin countries. This event is marked by street parties, wearing of masks and dressing up in elaborate costumes.
March 19 – Fiesta de San Jose
October (first Sunday) – Fiesta of Santisima Virgen del Rosario
October (Tuesday after) – Fiesta of San Jeronimo, the patron saint of Pintag
December 8 – Fiesta of the Virgen de la Inmaculada Concepcion

If you are planning on including Pintag while you are exploring Ecuador, try to time your visit during one of these festivals. It will give you a peek at how they celebrate life and their religious beliefs.

In case you cannot join them in these festivities, that is okay. There are other places to visit in Pintag that will be worth your while. One of them on the Hacienda Yurak – which is actually a famed place in the country. It is the very first Jesuit monastery built in all of Ecuador.

There is a church in this property that is known as la Compañia. It was built by the monks by using the quarried stones that can be found in the local area. It is a beautiful structure that has wide patios, religious murals and original pillars.

This is also the birthplace of Estuardo Maldonado, a famed artist and sculptor who is known internationally for using nature, innovation and his Andean heritage in all his works. Not only that, Manuel Garcia was also born here – a water-color artist that uses the influence of the people and architecture in Pintag in most of his work.

Because of all of these, you will never get bored in case you decide on exploring Ecuador in the village of Pintag. Truly, great adventures can come from the smallest sources.

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