Expats who have decided to retire in Ecuador do not always stay. Sometimes, it is not really a problem of not liking the place. Sometimes, it is just a matter of feeling burnt out from living the life of an expat.

Ecuador is one of the best countries to retire in. There is no doubt about that. Although it is still a developing nation, it is a fact that foreigners have come to this country because they believe that this is where they will find their dream retirement. For a lot of them, their dream retirement became a reality. For some, it was not.

For the expats who packed up their bags and left, it is unfair to say that Ecuador was entirely to blame for the change of heart. Sometimes, you can blame the fact that these retirees allowed themselves to feel burnt out about retiring in Ecuador.

But what exactly does that mean?

Expat burnout is the feeling of being tired of living like an expat. You suddenly do not like being a foreigner in another country anymore and you just want to pack up and go back home.

Tips to avoid getting tired of retirement in Ecuador

Some expats say that this feeling is normal. If you are serious about your decision to retire in Ecuador, you need to expect this feeling at some point. For some, they feel this after a few weeks of living in this country. Others feel it after a couple of months. There are those who feel burnt out after a year or so. Regardless of when you start to feel tired of retiring in Ecuador, there are a couple of things that you can do to keep you from packing up your bags and leaving for good.

Start by trying to identify what is making you feel burnt out. It is usually different for everyone. Some people get tired of the language barrier. Others find the sanitation to be less than satisfactory. There are those who find that the noise is too much to bear. Try to figure out what is really bothering you and making you feel unhappy about life in Ecuador. Once you have identified the source of your discontentment, you can figure out how to change things so you are not bothered anymore. If you are bothered by the big city life in Guayaquil, maybe the more laid back life in Cuenca will suit you better. Or if you tire of the sand getting everywhere in Manta, you can probably choose to live in Quito. Think about what makes you ill at ease so you can find a solution that will not require you to stop retiring in Ecuador.

There are remedies that can stop the feeling that will cut short your retirement. You can take a break from your usual routine and get out of town. A change in scenery may give you what you need so you can continue to retire in Ecuador without giving up. It also helps to look explore the city where you live. There may be places that you have yet to discover. This place may be the key to make you fall in love with this country once more. Another thing that you should probably consider is getting yourself involved in local activities and communities. If you establish a connection and start building relationships in Ecuador, you may begin to fall in love with this country all over again.

Think about these remedies before you completely give up on your dream to retire in Ecuador. You might be surprised at what you will discover in the process. You may simply be living in the wrong side of the country. Try making a few changes first before you pack up your bags. It may be worth the effort in the long run.

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