Exploring Ecuador is a great way to enjoy this beautiful country. There are so many great places to visit. You can go to the island of Galapagos to immerse in the remoteness of the island and the diverse marine wildlife. You can stay in coastal cities to enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean and spends hours on end on the beach. You can also go up in the mountains to bask in the beautiful scenery of the Andes highlands. You can also visit the Amazon rainforest to experience the ecosystem of this rich environment.
Like anyone who is on a vacation, you would want to bring home with you a souvenir that will help you remember what you went through while exploring Ecuador. Having said that, you have to know where you can buy the notable products of the country.
Where to buy popular products in Ecuador

One of the great things about visiting Ecuador, or living here, is that you will encounter a lot of talented locals. Ecuadorians are some of the most amazing craftsmen and artists in the world. A lot of expats who have chosen to live here are in awe of the workmanship that is displayed in wooden furniture and other crafts. The woven fabrics are also something so behold. If you want to bring home a couple of authentic Ecuadorian pieces, these are the places that you need to include in your itinerary.
Garments and colourful fabrics. These products can be bought in the famed Otavalo market. This place is only open on Saturdays but that should be enough time for you to buy what you need. The fabrics that you will find here are usually woven using soft Andean llama wool – or alpaca. They have multi colored blankets, shawls, scarves, sweaters and even slippers. If you cannot go on a Saturday, they have a smaller version of the market every other day and in the same place. Some of the vendors in the Otavalo market also sells their goods in a daily market in the Ejido Park of Quito. It will not be as big as the Saturday Otavalo market but you will get quality products still. There are also markets in Cuenca that you can visit. Just ask where you can get alpaca products and you will be pointed in the right direction.

Leather products. If you are a fan of leather products, you can purchase great products in Cotacachi. There are several leather boutiques in this area. You are advised to compare prices first and not to buy immediately so you can find the best value for you money. You will find products like suede and macrame mufflers, hobo bags, leather jackets, etc.

Panama hats. This product became popular when the canal was being built and it is made right in Ecuador. The local word for this product is toquillas. It can be found anywhere when you are exploring Ecuador but the best ones are in Cuenca. They are known to be woven tighter and are silkier. They are a bit pricey though.
Eduardo Vega ceramics. There are also ceramics created by the world re-known Eduardo Vega that you can buy in Cuenca. This is where his home gallery is. There are iguanas, turtle figurines and owls for sale. You can also purchase abstract painted plates and also mugs to take home with you.

Cacao beans. Lastly, you can purchase cacao beans here – which are great for Belgian chocolates. You can also buy Ecuador chocolate bars – a great homecoming present after your vacation.

All of these products can be found as you are exploring Ecuador. Enjoy and make sure you sharpen your negotiating skills. You can always get the seller to give you products at a lower price.

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