About Us


Ecuador Expat Realty was originally founded in 2010 when Sean Kelly and Dahiana Cedeno relocated from Marina Del Rey, California to Puerto Cayo, Manabi, Ecuador. Since their initial move, they have been featured on House Hunters International, they own and manage their own organic farm, are actively involved in socially responsible projects with the most recent being a donation of a park to the community’s children and run the largest family owned and operated real estate and development company on the Ecuadorean coast.

20 Million+

Ecuador Expat Realty is proud to have recently passed our milestone of having represented just over 20 million in real estate sales and development. We recognize that this achievement is specifically built on the foundation of our happy customers and the amazing experiences we continue to have with them. We are proof that standing by your customer and providing them the best quality service and experience is a business practice that will always bring success.

300+ Clients

Another milestone we are proud to have reached is having surpassed the two-hundred client milestone. Through a broad array of services and service partners, we have been able to positively touch the lives and dreams of so many expats. This is a privilege we value dearly. Making the vision that people have around moving to Ecuador come true isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.


We deal with the dreams that people have spent a life to build, that responsibility should never be taken lightly.

Remember there is a difference between our having experienced a thing hundreds of times and the customer doing it for the first time. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and always be there to hold their hand.

Treat the customer’s money as though it were yours and give it the respect it deserves by maximizing its value.

Every customer is different and their wants differ accordingly. Their is no template approach to customer service. Learn what motivates the customer and focus on achieving that goal.

Our integrity is defined by each and every single customer experience. We are not about averages, we are about striving for single instances of perfection each and every time.

Profit is not our business. Successful achievement of the customer experience is our business, profit will come naturally when your heart is in the right place.

Sean Kelly
Co-Founder & President

Sean’s background is actually as a computer engineer and the silicon coast startup scene. Having easily fallen in love with not only Ecuador itself but his wife from there, when it came time to see where life could lead, it was an easy choice to make.

Dahiana Cedeno
Co-Founder & Vice President

As a native born Ecuadorean and specifically from the local area of Puerto Cayo, Dahiana not only has a personal knowledge of the area but her family is deeply rooted and respected within the community. Dahiana brings a lifetime of experience and intimacy with the Ecuadorean culture that gives every client an edge above others.

Mila Kelly
Smile Instigator

Mila is the joy that makes every client experience that much more special. She was born overlooking the Andes and is the culmination of the Irish gift of joy and the Ecuadorean sense of deep sincerity. Even though she’s only two, she was a natural for being our expert on smiles.