Moving to Ecuador is no joke. Despite the many articles that you read about how affordable, healthy and environmentally satisfying it is, you need to make sure that it is the right country for you to move in to.

Most people will only look at their finances and check out the living conditions in the country before making their final decision. They will also look at the health facilities and other establishments that will help make their lives easier after they relocate to Ecuador.

All of these are important factors to help you decide if you will move to Ecuador. However, before making your final decision, make sure you are mentally prepared for this change. This is especially true if you are moving here with your spouse or the whole family. You need to have the right mindset so you are both able to adjust to your new life after moving to Ecuador.

How to prepare mentally before you make your move to Ecuador

There are a couple of mental preparations that you need to make and here are a couple of them.

Make realistic expectations. For sure, you took time to visit before you finally decided on moving to Ecuador. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that your visit would be what life is like in this country. Visiting and living in a resort while you are deciding is different when you actually have to live in an apartment and start building your life here in Ecuador. To have realistic expectations, make sure that your visit would not be spent lying around the beach and getting your tan while sipping on tropical drinks. You need to explore the land and make plans about where you will live, how you will finance your lifestyle, etc. Try to read some of the negative articles about the country too so you will know what to expect. Just like everywhere else, you have crimes in Ecuador too. You need to open your eyes about the realities of life and expect that these can happen in Ecuador too.

Discuss plans with your companions. This applicable for couples or those with families. You need to discuss your new life in Ecuador. Try to get their opinion and make sure everyone is one board. Not only that, you should make sure that any changes in your lifestyle will be something that the whole family can live with. Remember that your need to move may not be wholeheartedly supported by your family. That will make it difficult to survive any hurdles that you will encounter and could cause discord within the family.

Avoid boredom. This is actually more applicable to retired individuals because there is really no need for them to work. Young families or couples still have to work – unless they are very rich. Retired individuals do not have this need so what will they do in their free time? If you do not make plans about what you will do on a daily basis, life after moving to Ecuador could get boring. Think about investments that you can make or an online business that you can set up. A lot of expats have started blogging about their life in Ecuador. That can be something that will keep you from feeling bored in this country.

The key to moving to Ecuador and actually staying for a long time is to do adequate research and to be clear about your reasons to move here. Not only should you do enough research and planning, it is also very important that you give yourself enough time to prepare for the move. Do not rush into things because there might be preparations that you will skip because of your haste.

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