Most of the people who wish to retire in Ecuador are those who have grown to appreciate the beauty of nature. Truth be told, this country boasts of a natural beauty unlike any other because of the diversity of the landscape.

Ecuador has 4 distinct landscapes. You have the highlands that will give you marvelous views of the Andes mountain range. You also have the wild tropical rainforest of the Amazon jungle. If you wish to enjoy the beach, the coastal region facing the Pacific Ocean is a great sight to behold. And if you want some remoteness and isolation, the Galapagos Island is a great place to visit too.

All of these offer remarkable views of Mother Nature. But did you know that the benefits to gain from the Ecuador environment goes beyond its beauty? Believe it or not, the environment can be beneficial to your health. That, among others, is one of the reasons why you should retire in Ecuador.

What health benefits can the Ecuador environment give you during retirement

It is amazing how the presence of nature is so strong in Central America. Well, you have both the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountain ranges to thank for that. Living in this country boasts of health benefits that you would never find in the corporate jungles of New York or London.

Let us discuss why the environment in this country is good for your health.

First of all, the beauty of nature will encourage you to go out and explore it. We all want to be surrounded by beautiful things. Given the surroundings that you will have in Ecuador, the lure to spend time outdoors will be more prominent here. You are more inclined to inhale fresh air and you can give your physical body the exercise that it needs. After all, hiking around the Andes will exert some physical effort. If you want to see the beautiful sights, you oftentimes need to walk, hike or bike to get there.

Stress is the second reason why the environment will benefit your health when you retire in Ecuador. It is known that nature has its calming effect on us. That is just how we are all wired and connected to our planet. This calm and tranquility that we feel can effectively lower your stress levels. It can ease the tension that your body used to have day in and day out – especially while you were living in the big cities while trying to earn a living.

The third reason involves the produce that the fertile lands of Ecuador can give you. This will prompt you to eat healthy food and make them from scratch too. Not only will the country’s environment give your mental and emotional health some rest, it can also provide the right nourishment for your body.

All of the three combination is probably the reason why people who retire in Ecuador live healthier lives. Among the ailments that you will minimize includes a lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. The chances of you feeling depressed will also go down. A feeling of satisfaction, higher self-esteem and lower anxiety can make your life all the more enjoyable here in Ecuador.

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